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As I See It 10-1-15
Publish Date: Thursday, 01 October, 2015
All across Reporter country most of the combining is done except for areas [L1]of corn. Corn, of course, has its own way, and it is very much tied to weather and moisture. But the need is there, and from many angles, it's a big crop. They are saying it's going to be a good yield this year, and I think the demand is going to continue to stay pretty strong.
This is the time of year when many of the ranchers near the mountains or high country are having quite a lot of trouble with wildlife. On our own ranch we had to kill two bears this last week. They are moving in from everywhere now searching for food. Should we get one of those old Montana winters, with the amount of wolves that are around and the amount of bears that are moving in as well as the elk near the mountainsides that will hit the haystacks we have, it should be a time of caution for livestock people. Make sure you're ready because there will be some very significant competition on your cattle feed through the abundant wildlife.
It's time to get ready for 2016 in lots of ways, including your cattle, your ranch, your market. The other is your vote.  There must be a change in thought. As a country in a wealthy position, we cannot be spending and not saving. Remember, it's America we're talking about. Remember, it's the future of your family we're talking about. Remember, the greatest, the freest, the most opportunistic country in the world could be in the balance.
Remember, these things are real, and you as one person and I as one person have an obligation to do what we can to right this ship, to get her back on course, to make a viable and complete correction.
We have a year of politicking ahead of us. Be sure you are on the right side of the ship with the oar in your hand to move it forward. As you look across the country, there are sure a lot of tours and meetings and get-togethers being conducted by the various breed associations as well as lending institutions and universities. It's a good way for the distribution of facts. Yes sir, it's quite a deal to go on these tours because the various folks are full of ideas and change.
I'm proud of the job that this part of the world up here in the North has done through the years in developing new techniques, doing more research, and doing more fact-finding in cattle breeding and feeding programs.
You people on the firing line, who are out there doing it, need to be thanked because there certainly has been a huge change in the last 50 years of how cattle are fed, how they're bred, and how they are merchandised. It's a great help to the industry clear down to the packinghouse and food stores. The product that is being offered, the quality that is being offered, and the amount of information that is being offered - all these things are wonderful, and I for one am very proud to have been and to still be part of the distribution of a lot of that data, a lot of that promotion. This product called protein beef is really one of the greatest products ever to be offered to the world. The need, worldwide, will continue to increase for animal protein. It's the most complete and needed protein available on earth.
Yes, we've covered quite a few important tours and events for many years because we believe they are an important part of the information that every one of us needs in the course of our destiny. I don't care what breed of cattle your interest is in, there is need for information, and there's need for distribution of that information... and we're here to help get what you can through it.
May the fall witness a strong market. I think it will. Good luck to all of you. We at the Reporter want you to know that we are great believers in the future of this great endeavor we are all involved with... livestock agriculture!

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Gloves off!...
Battle between PRCA and ERA gets ugly

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MT Livestock Board appoints Zaluski as Interim
Publish Date: Thursday, 01 October, 2015

MT Livestock Board appoints Zaluski as Interim

By Lisa Schmidt

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Sage Grouse decisions bring good and bad news
Publish Date: Thursday, 01 October, 2015

Sage Grouse decisions bring good and bad news

Last week, the federal government made two important announcements relating to sage grouse conservation and management.
- First, a landmark decision was made that listing of greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is not warranted.
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Sortin Pen 10-1-15
Publish Date: Thursday, 01 October, 2015

32-year record in cattle kills driving markets?
On September 24, the live cattle market experienced a limit-down day, and the October contract is down 12% since the beginning of August with 5% of that coming in the four trading days prior to September 24. Thomas Chavez, an analyst for Attain Capital, says a surge in production is the reason for the wild fluctuation. "The long . . . . . Read More >>