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Oral electrolyte saves time, cash, & calves

Dr. Gary Strobel, Professor Emeritus-Montana State University, and Bryan Blatt, CEO of Ecoplanet Animal Health, have announced the release of an innovative oral electrolyte and nutritional supplement for use in young calves experiencing scours. SX Calf is unique and extremely effective in many ways. Dr. Strobel created the product based on a biomimic of rain forest endophytic fungi. This new product is good for a number of reasons.

First, it saves time. This convenient pre-mixed liquid product is available in 250-ml and 500-ml bottles—no mixing of powdered products as with other over-the-counter products that require multiple applications over several days. SX Calf is ready to use right from the bottle. “Our experience is that, in up to 90% of calves, all that is needed to rehydrate the calf is 50 mls of product. Producers can carry the product with them in their pickup, on a four-wheeler, or horseback and work the dehydrated calf right in the pasture. Calves respond quickly, and it is a real timesaver.”

Second, it saves cash. Keeping costs and expenses down is critical. Compared to most other similar products, SX Calf is less costly as it typically requires one 50-ml application.

Third, it saves calves. “In our initial studies while developing the product, SX Calf rehydrated calves with only one feeding in 90% of all cases and reduced mortality by up to 90%. A large number of producers have commented how quickly the product works. Not only that, but also they were amazed how well and how quickly calves that were in very poor condition responded to the product. The damage to the gut of calves that scour is serious. SX Calf normalizes the gut, quickly allowing the calf to thrive and experience normal weight gain. We feel that SX Calf is the best product to rehydrate calves with scours. SX Calf is now available at your animal health supplier. Try it. It will save time, cash, and calves.”

Questions? Contact Ecoplanet by phone at 406-585-1122 or by email at info@ecoplanetearth.com

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