As I See It 8-20-15

It is telling the amount of interest that farmers and ranchers have on most any aspect of the weather. And, maybe, that’s why a lot of these old-time ranchers become pretty good weather forecasters. From the various cloud formations, what direction the wind is from, and what the clouds look like, they get to predicting the real bad storms, sometimes […]

Comments 8-20-15

Just a little over a week left in the month of August! The State Fair circuit is over for me, and I have a number of horse sales coming up in the next three weeks or so.Despite the fact that temperatures in much of our readership area have been breaking record highs this past week, we are ever so close […]

Letters to the Editor 8-20-15

Different tactics called for…It’s time for a second opinion. The Doctor diagnosing the CSKT water compact is looking for problems that don’t exist, and her method of treatment is seriously flawed. Frankly, I am tired of her attacking the farmers and ranchers of this state and the member organizations that work tirelessly to protect them.Her latest attack and claim against […]

Sortin Pen 8-20-15

VS has ND officials concerned…The Associated Press is reporting that North Dakota’s Board of Animal Health is implementing expanded requirements for livestock imports from states with confirmed cases of vesicular stomatitis (VS) in order to keep the disease out of the state. North Dakota officials say a certificate of veterinary inspection for animals entering the state has always been required […]

Way too much going on…

Way too much going on…”I can’t believe you can’t find her,” said Banjo. He was sincere but direct in his questioning to Tuff. Banjo and Tuff were on the hunt. “Her ducklings are running all over the place. Osage HAS to be somewhere,” said Banjo.  “No, seriously,” said Tuff. “I can’t find her anywhere, and I haven’t for a couple […]