Agri-Kid 12-24-15

These darling girls are the apple of their grandfather’s eye! As they should be! They are, left to right, Elaina, Miriam, and Hannah. Elaina and Miriam live in Canada, and Hannah lives at Grass Range, Montana, as does proud grandfather Bill Stahl.

As I See It 12-24-15

Unfortunately, there’s a great feeling across our culture that we need to “buy” more for our children, give more presents to others, and add to the problem that many people already have. That problem is materialism. Kids everywhere naturally look forward to Christmas, and adults buy each other and their children more presents, more toys, more material things of a […]

Christmas mysteries and miracles…

Christmas mysteries and miracles…Pudge ducked under a cobwebbed rafter high in the copula. “There are only a couple tattered blankets up here,” she called down to Banjo.  Banjo looked up at her. “Okay, keep looking for clues of where he might be as you come back down,” he called back. Pudge leapt from rafter to rafter. “I just don’t see […]

Comments 12-24-15

John & Debi, Machaela & Zack, & Pip!First of all, I would like to take this opportunity… on behalf of myself, my wife Debi, Machaela, Zack, & of course our new puppy Pip… to wish all of you and yours a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! The holidays are an extremely special time of the year, […]

Letters to the Editor 12-27-15

Passage of omnibus and tax bill good for Montana…In these last few days of the year, Congress has taken on a number of important issues, but there are still two important bills left: The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH) and the Omnibus Spending bill. Both of these bills include items that are extremely important to Montana’s […]

Sortin Pen 12-24-15

Sam Kane partners with S. American investors…Sam Kane Beef Processors has announced that the Fernandez Group of companies (South America) has signed on as a capital partner, according to the Corpus Christi Caller Times. The Fernandez Group is a leading dairy operator in South America with milk and beef cattle herds and dairy operations in Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina, among […]