Comments 10-20-16

I think most of you by now have figured out that I try to read The Wall Street Journal as much as I can. I receive the online version of the publication, but I don’t seem to get to it every day. Evidently I missed the October 6, 2016, edition which contained a very good article pertaining to labeling beef. […]


Editor’s note: It is our goal to round up under one column news and results from the great variety of Cowboy Sports going on these days. This column is being introduced due to popular demand by readers so, if there are certain results you want included, send the WAR editor press releases and results! As this feature grows, WAR will […]

Letters to the Editor 10-20-16

Now here’s a tactful woman!Linda, I wanted to let you know that I really loved the picture on the front page of the September 29 issue of you in front of the little cabin. I can’t believe you spent your first five years there, as your first five years weren’t THAT long ago! Your caption was beautiful and perfect too.Tami […]

Sortin Pen 10-20-16

Get a rope! Dozens of Iowa cattle dead from intentional poisoningOn Joel Moser’s ranch near Alvord, Iowa, dozens of cattle have died, and the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department has initiated an investigation into the intentional poisoning of the Moser herd. “At this point, this is a criminal investigation; it does look like it was done willfully by somebody,” said Sheriff […]


Surveillance…Edmond circled. He had his head set on. “Approach is positive. Salt-and-Pepper-Pudgy-Paws in front of me,” said Edmond the eagle.  “Copy that,” said Rocky the raccoon. “He sees him,” said Rocky.  Banjo looked relieved. “I knew he’d be rotund enough to find,” he said.  “Oh yeah,” said Rocky. “If anyone can find something from the air, it’s Edmond.”  “He’s impressive,” […]

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