U.S. farmers fear border tax plan

U.S. farmers fear border tax planBy Leesa Zalesky Mexican senator Armando Rios Piter, who leads a Mexican congressional committee on foreign relations, is introducing a bill outlining that Mexico, a top buyer of U.S. corn, will buy its corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the U.S. in response to President Donald Trump’s threats to slap border taxes of 20 to […]

NM sheepman elected to industry's top position

NM sheepman elected to industry’s top positionThe 2017 American Sheep Industry Association Convention wrapped up on January 28 with the election of New Mexico sheep producer Mike Corn as the organization’s new president. Benny Cox (Texas) was voted to serve as vice president, and Susan Shultz (Ohio) will serve as secretary/ treasurer.Corn’s son Bronson nominated his father for the top […]

Obamacare, rural health, and you

Obamacare, rural health, and youAfter years of angry opposition, fiery speeches, and showy, going-nowhere votes, Congressional Republicans finally clenched their angry, shaking hands on the throat of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – as the Senate and then the House voted to repeal the 2010 law one week before Donald J. Trump was sworn in as president.Well, that’s the […]

Raising Wagyu Cattle in Idaho – Part 1

Gaur wild bull.Raising Wagyu Cattle in IdahoPart 1By Heather Smith ThomasThe American consumer first experienced the delicious flavor and tenderness of what was originally termed “Kobe beef” when Wagyu cattle were brought to this country from Japan in the 1990s. Some breeding programs were started in this country, and a few fancy restaurants began to feature this fantastic eating experience.The […]

Rascal never tires of tricks…

Rascal never tires of tricks…Rascal rolled onto his haunches and stretched. As he opened his eyes wider, he stopped his instinctive yawn to match his mood. He looked around. “Where am I?” he grumbled as he shifted his head quickly back and forth. Then it all came back to him… that mangy dog and his friends, but before he could […]

Sortin Pen 2-23-17

Quote of the Week:This week’s quote comes from Curtis Martin, North Powder, Oregon.”You can educate ignorance, but there’s no cure for stupid.”If you’ve got a favorite quote to share, send it on to Linda at editor@westernagreporter.comSD‘s COOL bill moves forward…In the South Dakota Legislature, Senate Bill 135 has passed out of the Senate State Affairs Committee on a 5:3 vote. […]

The albino just liked to rag…

The albino just liked to rag…Charley and Jim Taylor had come from England and settled on Bear River just over the state line from Utah in Idaho. They seemed to have plenty of money, and every three months, they got a bunch of money from England. Whenever the money came, they generally put on a big party at Montpelier that […]

The ongoing bison problem…

The ongoing bison problem…By Maggie NutterUSCA COOL Committee ChairmanSweetgrass, MTIn reading Matthew Brown’s February 3 article (bit.ly/2k5orKo) and a February 8 release from the Yellowstone National Park’s Office of Strategic Communication, there are a few details that I think should be pointed out.1. Brucellosis abortus in cattle has been eradicated all over the U.S. EXCEPT in a pocket around Yellowstone […]

You know you're a cattle rancher Out West if you…

You know you’re a cattle rancher Out West if you…By Gwen Petersen- know how to spell heifer, Hereford, and Charolais.- know someone who’s lost a digit to a rope, a chain saw, or a skinning knife.- keep old machinery around just for parts.- put old tires on top of haystacks, shingled roofs, and the outhouse.- have an outhouse.- think driving […]


Voices…   Calving season is about to begin, and it is a sheet of ice everywhere… except where it is a bog of mud. Because we live in windy country and we haven’t had a winter like this since 1979, I am not used to these conditions. I am pretty sure I am more of a liability than an asset […]