Something’s rotten in Brazil…

Something’s rotten in Brazil… JBS & BRF meat plants raided in bribery probe By Leesa Zalesky On March 17, Brazil’s federal police publicly launched “Operation Weak Flesh,” raiding the premises of JBS SA and BRF SA as well as dozens of other smaller meat processors that have been under investigation by Brazilian authorities for a corruption scheme involving bribing federal […]

MT water compact levels playing field & protects MT water users

MT water compact levels playing field & protects MT water users By Jim Peterson The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes water compact is the result of decades of difficult negotiations, wherein water users and the CSKT compromised to produce an agreement that would benefit all Montanans. But despite the wide range of benefits that the compact provides, there are still […]

Perdue files OGE paperwork… Confirmation hearings coming soon

Perdue files OGE paperwork… Confirmation hearings coming soon By Leesa Zalesky Sources on Capitol Hill say President Donald Trump’s nominee for Ag Secretary, former Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, has filed necessary paperwork with the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), describing how he will avoid potential conflicts of interest if confirmed by the U.S. Senate. The Trump administration has been under […]

Real tough times…

Real tough times… In the winter in the early days throughout this western country, the stockmen used to have real tough times. This as especially true when they ranged their stock on grass the year round. There was lots of cowboys and sheepherders that froze to death or froze their hands or their feet so bad they had to have […]

Roundup cancer risk cover-up… Monsanto & the EPA

Roundup cancer risk cover-up… Monsanto & the EPA By Leesa Zalesky Federal Judge Vince Chhabria of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California last week unsealed files of documents in a lawsuit brought by people who claim they developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma as a result of exposure to Monsanto’s flagship weed killer Roundup. Those documents include Monsanto’s internal […]

Saving babies… and not

Saving babies… and not Experts tell us that wind chill will not reduce a body’s temperature below the actual air temperature, but it will increase the rate that the body plummets to that temperature. So when a newborn calf is born wet in 8 degrees on ice in a 15 mile-an-hour wind, the time it takes for that calf to […]

Unrelated twin horses

Unrelated twin horses By George Fischer Let me tell you an unusual way we put our DK Ranch rough string to work earning their keep. Please do NOT take this playful advice. I don’t think it ever taught a horse anything. But it sure was fun back in the early ’50s when all us cowhands were a little on the […]

2017-03-23 E-Edition

Washington State’s Pride & Joy Dairy Part IV

Washington State’s Pride & Joy Dairy Part IV By Leesa Zalesky In mid-February, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) sent a proposed action plan to Allen and Cheryl Voortman, indicating the dairy owners would be required to conduct a “root cause analysis” before the agency would permit them to resume sales of raw milk. WSDA officials said the Voortmans […]

More of the good, old days…

More of the good, old days… After the last downturn in the economy, it became suddenly fashionable to be frugal and green. I grew up frugal and green, because my parents were 40 years old when they got around to having me, so they were children during the Great Depression. We have tried to raise our children frugal and green, […]